Vehicle Thefts – update from Metropolitan Police

On Friday 2nd December at 0330hrs approx, three vehicles were stolen in a very short space of time on Ickenham and South Harefield Ward, all within a few hundred yards of each other – a timely reminder that vehicle theft continues to be a real problem right across London.

Immediate alerts of these thefts to the Police can be challenging – discovery of the theft can be the following morning when the vehicle has long since gone.

If you have a video doorbell or other detection mechanism that is triggered and you see suspicious activity around a vehicle then please call the Police on 999 if crime is in progress giving as much information as possible – time is of the essence; you should contact NHW only after you have done that please.

Crime Prevention:

For keyless vehicles, some manufacturers already have a feature that allows you to disable the “keyless” functionality yourself – visit your manufacturer’s website or consult your handbook to see if that’s a method that would work for you.

If that feature isn’t available, consider an electronic Fob Protector that turns key fobs for keyless vehicles off automatically after being put down for 20 seconds until moved again.  There is currently a 20% discount code available to members of Hillingdon NHW.  See website link above for technical details.

Alternatively use a Faraday Bag for keys (one for the main set, one for the spare) – these must still be kept away from vicinity of the front door – keep completely closed, and inspect for damage which could cause the signal to be leaked.

For any type of vehicle you can help to prevent theft using a Physical Locking Device for the steering wheel.  This tells the thief that entry to the vehicle will result in another hurdle to tackle.

Products listed are Police Approved.

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Dave Ludlow
Community Coordinator