Conservation in Eastcote


Eastcote Conservation Panel – Contact Lesley Crowcroft – 020 8866 8436 –
Friends of Eastcote House Gardens

Eastcote is most fortunate in having extensive parks and green spaces, woodland areas, a large number of historic buildings, Conservation Areas and a number of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).

The late Sheila Liberty former Conservation Panel Chairman, planting a tree in Long Meadow

Under the heading of Conservation in Eastcote are a whole range of activities connected with the protection and enhancement of our local environment. Local members who are involved in Conservation are drawn from all areas of the Community with diverse interests in local history, plants and trees, preservation of buildings. Through members of the Residents Association, members of the Conservation Panel and Friends groups we help to look after and monitor activity in the following:-

  • Four Parks :-
    Eastcote House Gardens:

    Walled Garden – Winter 2010

    Warrender Park: Haydon Hall Park:

    Warrender Park – Green Flag Award

    Haydon Hall Park- Haydon Hall Lodge:
    Bessingby/Cavendish Parks: which includes a Site of Nature Conservation
    Tree Planting

    Cavendish Pavillion:
  • Four other Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation, ( SINC)

River Pinn Corridor through Long Meadow, Cheney Field, and Forge Green Part of the Celandine Route

Haydon Hall Meadows: which is also Green Belt Land
  • Highgrove Woods
  • Yeading Brook River Corridor at Whitby Road to Field End Road

Three Conservation Areas,

  • Eastcote Village Conservation Area:

    Forge Green Sign
  • Morford Way Conservation Area
  • Eastcote Park Estate Conservation Area

30 Grade II Listed Buildings

22 Locally listed buildings and artefacts.

The Conservation Panel or to give it its full title the Eastcote Village Conservation Area Advisory Panel through representatives is allowed to speak at North Planning Committee meetings, when applications are submitted which might affect Conservation Areas; both built environment and green spaces.

For three of the Parks local residents have formed up groups to help to look after the parks. These are:-

  • The Friends of Eastcote House Gardens Management Advisory Group, with members from the Conservation panel. The aim of the “Friends” is to secure the future of the Stables, Dovecote and Garden Wall, which are all on the English Heritage “Buildings at Risk Register”. In addition “The Friends” gardeners have worked tirelessly to improve the gardens.
  • Cavendish & Bessingby Management Advisory Group who’s aim is to improve these parks and arrange activities in the parks
  • Representatives of the Panel attend the meetings of Friends of Warrender Park and Highgrove Management Advisory Group, Bessingby/ Cavendish Management Advisory Group and the Yeading Valley Working Group.

For the Contacts with each of these organisations please see above