Vehicle theft

The Metropolitan Police Crime Data Dashboard shows that over the past two years there have been an average of 73 motor vehicle thefts reported per month across our Borough.

90% of vehicle thefts in the UK are of keyless vehicles by means of “relay theft” (Source: Tracker Network UK).  This method can be easily thwarted by vehicle owners, so it’s time for a reminder of the steps that keyless car owners can take to avoid this.

Please click on the links below for more information – note that we can only mention products that are Police Approved (Secured by Design):

  • A Physical Locking Device for the steering wheel.  This tells the thief that entry to the vehicle will result in another hurdle to tackle.
  • A Faraday Bag into which the keys can be placed (one for the main set and one for the spare) – these must still be kept some distance from the front door and must be completely closed, and inspected for damage which could cause the signal to be leaked.
  • An electronic Fob Protector that turns key fobs off automatically when they are stationary for 20 seconds, at which point the fob “goes to sleep” until moved again and cannot be woken by relay theft.  There is a 15% discount code available to members of Hillingdon NHW until 31st December,
  • If all owners of keyless vehicles take at least one of these measures as a result of this OWL message, the number of offences across Hillingdon should start to fall.

NOTE: Please do NOT post the coupon code for the Fob Protector on Social Media or Voucher Sites – thank you!

Please note that HNW has no financial affiliations with any of the companies mentioned; this message is circulated to highlight Police Approved products to assist the Police with crime prevention on our Borough.

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Dave Ludlow
Community Coordinator