The New Draft London Plan – Your Chance to Comment

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn, has put forward a new London Plan to which anyone can send their individual response during the consultation period.

The consultation closes at 5.00 pm on Friday, 2nd March 2018.

Following the link below, will take you to the London Plan Website where you can view the full plan and there are details of the various ways that you can submit your comments:-

The full draft plan is 500 pages long and makes substantial and far reaching changes to the existing plan about which the London Borough of Hillingdon has considerable concerns and is very clear in its view that many of the proposed policy changes will have significant adverse impacts on the Borough, its people, its built environment, its natural environment, its heritage and wider policy objectives.

The Eastcote Residents’ Association fully support all our Council’s concerns as detailed in the written response that LBH is proposing to make.

ERA will be submitting comments to the Mayor showing this support and highlighting the issues that will affect the Eastcote area which we serve.

In addition, it would be great if you could find the time to make your individual objections known. 500 pages is a lot to get through! Therefore the draft response already provided by LBH is attached, which you can use as a guide for your own comments.

Just as a brief overall steer here, some of the issues that will affect us are:-

  • Generally, the Mayor makes no policy differentiations to meet the very distinct issues and needs between inner and outer London.
  • There is a clear policy of shifting housing growth to Outer London to ensure more housing should occur in suburbs such as ours.
  • The plan requires Hillingdon to provide an annualised average of over 1,500 new residential units (based on a target of 15,530 units over 10 years), with an emphasis on 1 and 2-bedroom homes.
  • To achieve such housing growth, there is no longer a presumption against infill building in gardens (garden grab), high rise buildings in town centres would be encouraged and the protection of Green Belt land is potentially undermined.
  • Car parking standards for new builds have been significantly reduced – in some cases to a zero requirement.
  • In tandem with car parking, no plans are provided to improve public transportation in the Outer London Boroughs. Not everyone travels from our area into London and the public transport links between the North and South of the Borough are particularly poor.

If you require any further information on this, please contact Jackie Redrup, Eastcote Residents’ Association, Volunteer Planning Representative

You can view Hillingdon’s Response to the Draft London Plan here.