Heathrow Proposal – Deadline 4th March

AS A RESIDENT YOU HAVE A SAY: Use it by 4th March 2019 11.55pm

Have you checked to see if you will be affected by the proposed changes to the Airspace around Heathrow? Check here

The Department for Transport is redesigning the airspace over the South East of the UK, incorporating improved aircraft and navigation technology to modernise the UK’s airspace and this modernisation will take place regardless of whether or not there is a third runway at Heathrow.

It is proposed that the two current runways make use of an Independent Parallel Approaches system (IPA), which could increase the number of flights per hour, approaching over different and/or new neighbourhoods.

Heathrow’s aim of their current consultation is not to ask if people want to be overflown but to ask what people’s preferences are, where there is a choices to be made, for example, the pattern and duration of respite periods.

As an illustrative example only – over parts of Ruislip, flights per hour and noise levels

Runway Operating Height 6-7am 60dB+ after 7am 65dB+
IPA A1 North Westerly 4000-5000 0-25 0-25 0-6 0
IPA A2 South Westerly 6000-7000 0-25 0 0-6 0
IPA A3 South Easterly 7000+ 0-25 0 0-6 0

60dB is a conversation 1m away (we guess that depends on how loud they are talking!)
70dB is a vacuum cleaner 1m away.

The only way to see how you maybe affected is to key in your postcode. Then, if you want to comment, answer the online questions about how you would like to see these changes implemented. If you don’t want to answer a question you can always use the comments boxes, or just email your concerns directly to Heathrow Ltd. Please copy in your MP so that they can understand your concerns and represent your views.

No or few responses can be interpreted by Heathrow Ltd that you are happy with the proposed changes.

Airports must take into account your views, so give your constructive and considered opinion. If you don’t voice your opinion Heathrow can propose what they wish.

Contact emails:-
Boris Johnson – Uxbridge & South Ruislip – boris.johnson.mp@parliament.uk
Nick Hurd – Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner – nick.hurd.mp@parliament.uk