Police advice – DPD Delivery Scam

Please be aware of a DPD scam that the Police Community Support team have been made aware of.

The scam involved an email being received apparently from DPD stating that they tried to deliver a parcel and that the link provided should be clicked on to update the delivery address and/or details.

There is apparently a reference number that is provided and text at the top of the email that reads:- “Important information regarding delivery of your order – ‘Payment receipt return’- ‘Item (Then there is a reference number provided)”

Under the text mentioned above a parcel number is provided directly under. The email has two parcel numbers that are different from each other.

When these parcel numbers are put in the official DPD site, they cannot be traced. The email also has inconsistencies with upper case and lower case letters.

Pease stay alert and do not click on any links provided if you receive a similar email to what has been mentioned.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: c091814@met.police.uk

Gemma Robinson
Police Community Support Officer