HS2 ANPR cameras

HS2 are installing ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras at locations across the borough of Hillingdon to monitor its own lorry movements.

These cameras will be configured to only capture data related to HS2 lorries, no other vehicle data will be captured or stored and the cameras will be clearly marked ‘HS2’.

The cameras are being installed at all HS2 site entrance and exits in Hillingdon and at the following locations:

    • Moorhall Road
    • Field End Road
    • Victoria Road
    • Woodstock Drive
    • Ickenham Road
    • Long Lane
    • Swakeleys Road
    • Station Approach/Long Drive
    • West End Road
    • Breakspear Road South LP2A
    • Swakeleys Roundabout
    • Harvil Road