Have your say on the new 4-year council strategy

The council is inviting the community to come forward and have their say on the council’s draft vision and priorities for the next 4 years which outline its ongoing commitment to putting residents first.

Hillingdon Council’s Cabinet approved the authority’s draft Council Strategy 2022 to 2026 for consultation at its meeting on Thursday 7 July 2022.

The council’s vision

The council’s vision remains putting residents first, and the ambition statement for residents is that Hillingdon is a safe, inclusive, more digital borough with a strong economy.

For the council itself the ambition is that it strives to be an efficient, well-run, digitally- enabled authority and works with partners to deliver services to improve the lives of its residents.


The 5 commitments to residents included in the draft strategy are:

  1. Safe and Strong Communities
    Hillingdon is a safe place with resilient, strong communities with access to good quality, affordable housing.
  2. Thriving, Healthy Households
    Children, young people, their families and vulnerable adults and older people live healthy, active and independent lives.
  3. A Green and Sustainable Borough
    Hillingdon will be a sustainable, carbon-neutral borough, protecting Hillingdon’s heritage, built environment and valued green spaces. Residents live in pleasant neighbourhoods with access to sustainable waste management and transport.
  4. A Thriving Economy  
    We are actively working with local businesses and partners to create a borough where businesses grow within a strong economy and local people can improve their skills and enjoy good quality jobs.
  5. A Digital-Enabled, Modern, Well-Run Council
    We are a well-run, sustainable council with sound financial management, achieving positive outcomes for residents.

Take part in the consultation

You can have your say on the draft council strategy by completing the online form by Friday 9 September.

Have your say on the draft council strategy