Colne Valley Regional Park (CVRP) campaign and five-point plan

The Colne Valley Regional Park (CVRP) has launched a campaign and a five-point plan to realise its full potential for people and wildlife and to see it preserved for future generations to enjoy. See

After nearly 60 years of positive action and creating tremendous value for money on relatively little public funding, the Colne Valley Regional Park is under pressure like never before. Its recent experience is a classic and alarming illustration of precisely what is going wrong with the Green Belt nationally. But all is not lost.  If there is the political will, the Park can be at the forefront of developing pioneering solutions, that can then be shared with similar areas across the entire country.

Our campaign is focused on how the countryside can fulfil its potential now and in the future. We are pressing for implementation of a five-point plan to:

  1. Influence Local Planning
  2. Restore the Landscape
  3. Reform National Planning
  4. Establish Status (specific protection for regional parks)
  5. Protect Nature

The CVRP Trust is the organisation at the ‘coal face’, has positive proposals. But this is a five-point plan for everyone, and we need support and action from local authorities and national government if your local countryside is to be saved.

I hope your community group will actively support this campaign. In the short term:

  • Please share the weblink above and draw attention to ‘how individuals can help’ at the end of the page
  • Please lobby your local councillors and MPs about the Colne Valley Regional Park and this campaign.

If you need any further information please contact me.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!


Stewart Pomeroy
Colne Valley Park Managing Agent
Groundwork South