Ask your council for cycle space during lockdown

The UK Government has made £250 million available to councils like yours, telling them that they’re expected to make significant changes to their road layouts and give more space to cyclists and pedestrians, to help people move around safely as the lockdown is eased.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Government has also made £10 million available to local authorities for temporary cycling and walking infrastructure with the Welsh Government similarly making funds available and inviting councils to apply.

With money now available to local authorities from governments across Britain and governments beginning to discuss plans for easing the lockdown, there’s no excuse for delay.

That’s why I’m writing to ask for your help to get your council to ask for the cash and start installing pop-up cycle lanes, widening pavements and taking other measures to help people socially distance whilst walking and cycling as lockdown restrictions start to ease.

We’ve made this really easy by creating two editable letters. If you have the time, you can edit the letters and add your own suggestions about what’s needed in your area or google search for your local cycling campaign group and see if they’ve made any suggestions you want to include.

If you want space for people to walk and cycle, and space to socially distance, please ask your council to take action now.

Thanks, as always, for your incredible support.

Duncan Dollimore,

Head of Campaigns and Advocacy

Cycling UK