Scams advice from the SNT

The scam: an official looking person with a uniform and ID badge turns up on your doorstep. They might say they are there to read the gas meter,   conduct a survey for the local council, are from your housing association, from the water board etc.

The reality: their ID could be fake. They want to get into your home or trick you into divulging personal information that can be used for ID fraud.

Protect yourself –

  • Be on your guard: always be suspicious of anyone turning up at the door uninvited – regardless of their story.
  • Keep your home secure: don’t let any stranger into your home. Keep your doors locked with the chain on.
  • Look for ID: ask to see callers’ ID cards and call the company to see if they are genuine. To be safe, look up the company number yourself rather than trust the number on their ID card. If you feel uncomfortable or have any doubts, don’t let them in. It’s your home. Tell them you’re not interested or that now is ‘not convenient’ and ask them to come back at a different time (when you can have a friend or relative with you).
  • Nominate a neighbour: if you have a relative or friend who lives close by, ask if they’d mind being on standby in case you get any suspicious callers. Before letting a stranger into your house, give your neighbour a call and ask them to pop round
  • Consider smart security devices: smart doorbells incorporate a camera and can enable you to speak to a caller without opening the door; some can also send a message to a relative notifying them that you have a visitor.
  • Take a photo: if you’re suspicious, ask the caller if you can take their photo on your mobile phone. Then send it to a close friend or relative. If the caller is genuine, they probably won’t mind.
  • Call the police: if a caller is really persistent and refuses to leave,

If you have elderly neighbours please pass on this information


Have you heard about #StreetSafe?

StreetSafe is for anyone to anonymously report public places where they have felt or feel unsafe

We’ll use this info to assess measures, actions & initiatives to improve public safety & your feelings of security.  Locations may be reported because of environmental issues, and/or because of some behaviours.  StreetSafe is a non-crime reporting tool.

You can report on streetsafe at the following link:

SNT Engagement Dates for November

5th NOVEMBER – STREET BRIEFING for residents of WOOD RISE and THE FARTHINGS leaflets sent out to streets.

11th NOVEMBER – TAG CAFE – 1000-1100HRS

12TH NOVEMBER – ALDI – 1600-1700HRS


18TH NOVMBER – ALDI – 1300-1400HRS



You are invited to come along to any of these dates to speak to someone from your local police team.

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