Top tips on keeping your property safe

During summer , the burglary rate increases as people leave doors and windows open .. here are some tips on keeping your property safe.
MAKE YOUR HOUSE SEEM OCCUPIED – During the evenings and throughout the night when it’s dark, consider leaving a light on as well as a radio or tv.
TECHONLOGY – Invest in a burglar alarm, cameras and even a ring doorbell. This allows you to get notifications to your phone when there is any motion outside your front door.
REMEMBER TO LOCK UP – When leaving your house, make it a habit to close and lock all windows and doors.
KEEPING YOUR BELONGING SAFE – Never leave anything valuable near windows or doors where people can look into and see.
KEYS – Try to think of a safe place to put spare keys other than under the door mat and under the plant pot, you could even consider allowing a neighbour to have a spare key if you trust them.
SECURE YOUR FRONT AND BACK GARDENS – Cut away any tall trees, bushes and hedges that cover your windows or doors. Thieves could use this to their advantage as an additional covering for breaking in.
CALENDARS – Did you know not only do thieves look for valuable belongings but for calendars too so they know when to invite themselves back….

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