An interesting opportunity …

ERA is looking for somebody to take on the role of Meeting Secretary.

The Meeting Secretary is a member of the ERA Committee and is required to attend Committee meetings (6 meetings per annum).   In addition, the Meeting Secretary has the following specific responsibilities:

  • 2 Weeks ahead of each meeting – to request outstanding reports from Committee Members.
  • 10 days ahead of each meetingto combine reports into a single document and circulate to the Committee.
  • Friday before each meeting – to combine reports/new resident issues (received from Meeting Chair)/completed actions (received from Actions Log Manager) into pro forma draft meeting notes ready for the next meeting – email the report to the Committee and Councillors. (May need to arrange for a couple of copies of the paperwork to be printed for any residents attending.)
  • At meeting – to add any additional comments to the prewritten draft meeting notes and send to the Meeting Chair.
  • Any other contributions to Committee activities are on a purely voluntary basis.

Do you have the skills we need?  If so, we would love to hear from you; please contact


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