An interesting opportunity …

ERA is looking for somebody to take on the role of Meeting Secretary.

The Meeting Secretary is a member of the ERA Committee and is required to attend Committee meetings (6 meetings per annum).   In addition, the Meeting Secretary has the following specific responsibilities:

  • 2 Weeks ahead of each meeting – to request outstanding reports from Committee Members.
  • 10 days ahead of each meetingto combine reports into a single document and circulate to the Committee.
  • Friday before each meeting – to combine reports/new resident issues (received from Meeting Chair)/completed actions (received from Actions Log Manager) into pro forma draft meeting notes ready for the next meeting – email the report to the Committee and Councillors. (May need to arrange for a couple of copies of the paperwork to be printed for any residents attending.)
  • At meeting – to add any additional comments to the prewritten draft meeting notes and send to the Meeting Chair.
  • Any other contributions to Committee activities are on a purely voluntary basis.

Do you have the skills we need?  If so, we would love to hear from you; please contact


Helping Communities Award

Congratulations to Malcolm Penny, an ERA Committee Member, on his silver Helping Communities Award.  Malcolm has been an Eastcote resident for more than 40 years.  The award recognises his contributions to the community in chairing the Executive Committee of the 4th Eastcote Scouts for 30 years and also helping maintain Eastcote House Gardens and organising litter picks in Eastcote.  Well done!

Your Residents’ Association needs you:

ERA wishes to encourage more residents to help so that it can cover more issues of interest to local people and thus it is looking for volunteers to help committee members by creating sub committees – more hands make light work. Sub-committee members would report to committee members in the same way as Road Stewards do, so it would not be necessary to attend monthly meetings. If you think you would be interested, then please feel free to attend a couple of meetings to see what we do and what you could offer if you would like to help.

For example,  we need a Meeting Secretary:

  • to produce the agenda,
  • to request reports from committee members and
  • to take meeting notes, type them up in Word and distribute them via email (committee member reports can be pasted into notes).

Ideally this would be 1 person, but the role could be shared.

Currently the main areas of interest are:

Community: Liaising with local schools/charities/societies – making donations to local groups

Environment: London Green Belt Committee/Surface water flooding/recycling/monitor tree planting/report littering/air pollution

Green spaces: Ruislip Woods Management Advisory Group

Health: H4All (Hillingdon for all)

Planning: including licensing/accessibility issues

Policing: Safer Neighbourhood Team meetings for Eastcote Ward

Transport: Federation of Metropolitan Line Users Committee/ Community Liaison Group at RAF Northolt/HS2 /traffic issues: parking/safety/cycling/repairs

Web & Tech: Website maintenance – updating events diary/posting news articles

Road Steward/Membership: Road Stewards are the bedrock of our association. Activities include: Leafleting households; Collecting subscriptions, encouraging members to pay online.

Meetings: Identifying and booking speakers for AGM and Road Stewards evening event; Running AGM, Open Forum, Road Steward Afternoon Tea, and stalls at local events.

But, this is too much for the current committee to cover comfortably so if you would like to help with any of the above, or any other role you feel would be useful, please come and see what we do. Email

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