May 2022 Hillingdon Cyber Crime Report

This week it was revealed that Britain now suffers losses to fraud approaching £3billion a year – and nearly three out of four adults have already been targeted by a scammer this year.  It is therefore very important to stay alert and to avoid simply giving your money away to these fraudsters.

If you have elderly or vulnerable relatives, please warn them to be alert to these scams.  Also remind them about doorstep callers and the need to Stop – Chain – Check before they answer.

The latest report for Hillingdon can be found here.


Top tips on keeping your property safe

During summer , the burglary rate increases as people leave doors and windows open .. here are some tips on keeping your property safe.
MAKE YOUR HOUSE SEEM OCCUPIED – During the evenings and throughout the night when it’s dark, consider leaving a light on as well as a radio or tv.
TECHONLOGY – Invest in a burglar alarm, cameras and even a ring doorbell. This allows you to get notifications to your phone when there is any motion outside your front door.
REMEMBER TO LOCK UP – When leaving your house, make it a habit to close and lock all windows and doors.
KEEPING YOUR BELONGING SAFE – Never leave anything valuable near windows or doors where people can look into and see.
KEYS – Try to think of a safe place to put spare keys other than under the door mat and under the plant pot, you could even consider allowing a neighbour to have a spare key if you trust them.
SECURE YOUR FRONT AND BACK GARDENS – Cut away any tall trees, bushes and hedges that cover your windows or doors. Thieves could use this to their advantage as an additional covering for breaking in.
CALENDARS – Did you know not only do thieves look for valuable belongings but for calendars too so they know when to invite themselves back….

Fraud and Cybercrime Summary – Hillingdon – Jan 2021

Please see attached the latest Fraud and Cybercrime Summary for our Borough.

Money lost through scams is literally wasted money – it can be lost in a click, but these losses can be avoided simply be being aware of the latest scams and tricks that could come your way by email, text or phone call.

Please consider signing up to the following FREE services to get the latest advice sent straight to your inbox:  For ActionFraud alerts straight to your inbox please sign up at:

For Which? alerts on scams straight to your inbox please sign up at:

Let’s all be cyber-aware and try to bring down the total lost to scammers each month on our Borough – the attached chart shows a clear peak in the period before Christmas when online activity is at its highest, but the amount lost in January – half a million on Hillingdon alone – is worthy of everyone’s attention.

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Dave Ludlow
Community Coordinator

Catalytic Converter thefts

Catalytic Converter thefts are still happening across the borough.

Be vigilent and call 999 if you see it happening.

If you see it happening try and obtain a description of the offenders and get a registration of the get away vehicle if you can.


Gemma Robinson
Police Community Support Officer

Free self-defence classes are being offered at ‘Simply Gym’ in Uxbridge for both women and men.  These free classes are to raise general awareness surrounding personal safety and protection.

Friday 18/02/2022: 10:30am – 12:00pm
Saturday 26/02/2022: 10:30am – 12:00pm

All classes will be run by SIMPLY GYM Manager  Richard who is trained in self defence and also control and restraint training. Local police officers will also be in attendance after the session to provide crime prevention advice and support.

Attendees (16+) need to book in advance, to do so please
ring 01895 236518 or email

Maz Solanki
Police Constable

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