Libraries are open

We are advised by Hillingdon Council that the automatic renewal of items has ended as they are now in a position to accept books back in to libraries.

However, the library service is issuing all items for an extended period of 6 weeks at present,
and is not charging overdue fines.

They will review this next month.

More information at

Ask your council for cycle space during lockdown

The UK Government has made £250 million available to councils like yours, telling them that they’re expected to make significant changes to their road layouts and give more space to cyclists and pedestrians, to help people move around safely as the lockdown is eased.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Government has also made £10 million available to local authorities for temporary cycling and walking infrastructure with the Welsh Government similarly making funds available and inviting councils to apply.

With money now available to local authorities from governments across Britain and governments beginning to discuss plans for easing the lockdown, there’s no excuse for delay.

That’s why I’m writing to ask for your help to get your council to ask for the cash and start installing pop-up cycle lanes, widening pavements and taking other measures to help people socially distance whilst walking and cycling as lockdown restrictions start to ease.

We’ve made this really easy by creating two editable letters. If you have the time, you can edit the letters and add your own suggestions about what’s needed in your area or google search for your local cycling campaign group and see if they’ve made any suggestions you want to include.

If you want space for people to walk and cycle, and space to socially distance, please ask your council to take action now.

Thanks, as always, for your incredible support.

Duncan Dollimore,

Head of Campaigns and Advocacy

Cycling UK

Invitation to participate in study on density

It is hard to find land in London to build on. One suggestion is to increase density – to allow more to be built on a piece of land.

To this end, my colleagues and I at the London School of Economics have put together a survey to better understand what Outer London residents think about this.

The survey can be accessed by clicking on this link and then, after having read the instructions, by clicking ‘Continue’. It consists of two parts. The first is a short questionnaire and the second contains a series of images for the participant to respond to. More detailed information, including a consent form, can be found on the survey’s introduction page. Participants are encouraged to complete the survey by May 31. If there are any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email me.

Link to the survey:

Recent Flooding in Eastcote

It is my personal opinion that the rainfall and flooding experienced last week in Eastcote was greater than that in 2016.

The total rainfall over the area as a whole has triggered the need for the council as Lead Local Flood Authority to compile a report on the areas which flooded, what happened, what can be done to improve the situation.

To make sure that any surface water flooding you experienced is included in this report then please email the council and copy us at ERA – click here to do this 

If you wish to go one step further you can fill in the online forms by following the two links below which were provided by the council. These forms will ask questions about where the water came from, what it looked like and why you think it collected where it did. Photos welcomed. It is extremely helpful in obtaining useful outcomes and in some cases funding if you report flooding because, for example, Thames Water who are the second link below only log reports received directly from those affected.

Click here to report flooding to Hillingdon Council

Click here to report flooding to Thames water

Please contact me if you have any further questions or concerns

Alison Holtorp, Chairman of Eastcote Residents Association

Draft Statement of Gambling Principles

Draft Statement of Gambling Principles 2019 – 2022

The Gambling Act 2005

The Council has reviewed its Statement of Gambling Principles and has made some minor amendments.

The revised policy 2019 – 2022 is scheduled to come into force on 21st November 2019 and is available to view on the Hillingdon website – click here

Should you wish to make any comments on the revised policy, please do so to

The policy consultation period ends on 8th August 2019

RAF Northolt

Consultation on Airspace Change Proposal ends 12 May 2019

Royal Air Force Northolt is required to submit an Airspace Change Proposal under the Department for Transport’s Future Airspace Strategy Implementation (South) programme. All airports in the South East of the United Kingdom are taking part in this programme, which will not be implemented before 2024.

This Airspace Change Proposal will be implemented under the Civil Aviation Authority’s ‘CAP1616’ process, which directs an airport or airfield to engage with those geographical areas that may be affected by any proposed flightpath changes. We have identified that your area could be affected by Royal Air Force Northolt’s Airspace Change Proposal.

We want to ensure that you are aware of this Airspace Change Proposal, and seek the input of local residents before we start the initial airspace design process. Before we start to put any lines on maps, we would like to understand what is important to local residents and this information will influence the design principles that we use in designing the Airspace Change. This way we can ensure that local opinion is taken into account, where there are choices to be made in the airspace design process.

Additional information relating to the proposal can be downloaded here

You can let your views be known by downloading and completing the design principles form and sending an electronic copy to, or by posting a hard copy to ‘Senior Air Traffic Controller, RAF Northolt, RUISLIP, HA4 6NG’. Please rank the design principles in it in order of preference for Tables Two and Three.

We stress that operations and usage at RAF Northolt will remain unchanged, just the airspace in which our aircraft operate will change. What we are looking to achieve at this stage is simply to understand which of the design principles are most important to residents. From there we can go about designing the airspace and share the proposals once complete. For electronic contact please use the following email address: