Road Stewards

As well as becoming a member, you could provide invaluable help by becoming a ‘Road Steward’. Road Stewards are responsible for delivering the bi-annual publication “ERA News” to homes within their designated area and collecting the annual £2 membership fee. There is no set quota of homes that each steward covers; it is entirely up to them.

Becoming a Road Steward gives you the opportunity to take a pleasant walk and a chance to meet your neighbours.

The Eastcote Residents Association depends on funds collected for its survival, sadly there are a number of Eastcote roads without Road Stewards.

Can you help?
We are currently looking for new or replacement road stewards to take on the following roads:
  • Aitken Close
  • Aldridge Avenue
  • Alison Close
  • Aragon Drive
  • Blagrove Crescent
  • Boleyn Drive
  • Bridle Road (part)
  • Cambridge Drive
  • Campbell Close
  • Castleton Road
  • Catlins Lane
  • Coleridge Drive
  • Collins Drive
  • Cuckoo Hill
  • Dollis Crescent
  • Dovecot Close
  • Egerton Close
  • Elliott Avenue
  • Field End Road, Centre
  • Field End Road, South (part)
  • Flemming Avenue
  • Flowers Avenue
  • Forbes Way
  • Grangewood Close
  • Green Lawns
  • Hale End Close
  • High Road
  • Hume Way
  • Joel Street
  • Kildare Close
  • Langley Avenue
  • Linden Avenue (part)
  • Mansfield Avenue
  • Mayfly Close
  • Morley Crescent
  • North View (part)
  • Oxford Drive
  • Pavilion Way (part)
  • Pikes End
  • Prospect Close
  • Quintin Close
  • Rodney Gardens
  • Rodwell Close
  • Russell Close
  • Ryan Close
  • Salisbury Road
  • Seymour Gardens
  • Somerford Close
  • Southbourne Gardens (part)
  • Southill Lane
  • St Andrews Close
  • St James Close
  • St Peters Close
  • The Glen
  • The Link
  • Warren Drive
  • Whitby Road, east
  • Wilder Close
  • Wiltshire Lane
  • Windermere Avenue
  • Winslow Close (part)

For more information please contact our senior road steward – Alison Akerman on 07771 846754 / Email